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5 Seconds of Summer press photos for their upcoming album.PREORDER/GET THE ALBUM HERE*Bonus track version
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5SOS and One Direction blog, checking out all new followers and following back most cause I'm close to my goal x

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lukeandroll: Mostly 5sos :) I give all my followers pizza! Just ask for a follow back



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narryfood: HELLOO okay so in the previous message i said that I didnt know what to write in these anymore which is true so this message is going to be full of bullshit and I'm sorry for that but I want to keep my promise and write them until the end of the year ;) I AM GOING ON A HOLIDAY IN TWO WEEKS :D also we should hang out more because maybe that way it'll become less awkward ;) tbh last time went okay??? or was that just me thinking that? okayy im close to the end, ur very sweet :D bye xxxx ur bestie

Yaay have fun on your holiday in ITALY WICH MEANS PIZZA PASTA , hot boys perhaps??? Anyway yes it was less awkward but im always so stressed!!! lmao I STILL GOTTA DO YOUR STORY BUT I REALLY DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO AND UGH sorry!

narryfood: Aloha! The sun is out which means everyone is really happy except maybe you. Not because the sun is out but because that means it's going to be warm and you will be complaining about that again ahaha. It's come to a point where I really don't know what to write in these messages anymore because I feel like I always say the same things so these messages are getting really shitty sorry for that! This is just a reminder that you are my friend and I hope we'll be friends for a long while ;) bye xxxx

I HATE IT WHEN ITS THIS WARM ,its really nice that you still do these messages even now when you dont know what to write! Its really sweet of you and im happy with a friend like you!

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Ashton Irwin leaving the hotel // 20 July 2014
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2/5 favorite pictures of Ashton Irwin